aT argent elm

We are continuously evolving as the industry grows and matures to cater for leading edge designs which can be implemented and sustained

who we are

With over 25 years of experience in the vast fields of ICT, Security & Audio Visual Engineering & Design, our team has successfully delivered several iconic projects within the region and internationally. Our experience includes the full design and construction supervision services of several major projects in healthcare, entertainment, residential, retail, mixed use, hospitality, education, and governmental services.

We offer tailored design solutions for our clients to obtain key objectives on all of our engineering projects ultimately exceeding customer expectations.

Argent Elm was conceived on the basis that there was a need for an entity which could provide detailed ELV deigns catering for each individual client’s needs. Argent Elm prides itself for having achieved great success in the same.

Our team’s technical strength

Our members’ experience is multi-disciplinary. We understand the different ELV systems both in terms of horizontal integration of systems as well as vertical detailed aspects of each individual system and its components. Each team member has successfully designed, implemented, and commissioned integrated ELV systems that fit well together as well as within the overall set of technical systems for each project.

Our work model

The model is the way we integrate our team into the overall project organization. No longer will the client have to deal with lack of communication and coordination between various disciplines as our main aim is to ensure a smooth flow of coordination information between the different project design disciplines. Our approach is that coordination between our engineers and the end user, architects, interior designers, MEP engineers, landscape architects, and all the other design teams involved in the design and concept of the project will be one of the most important KPIs to guarantee correct delivery times, efficient designs with sufficient details, and ultimately a smooth construction and handover schedule.

Solid, homerun design

The reason why Argent Elm was started was to elevate the level of ELV design consultancy to a new level where designs are thorough and free of statements such as “design by system specialists”.

We are the specialists.