State-of-the-art physical, electronic, and operational security consultancy.


Current international political volatility and recent tragic events have made security a critical element of consideration in any given project. Argent Elm’s board-certified security consultancy team provides tailored safety and security solutions that take all elements of a project into consideration ensuring that the strategy we provide to our clients is both effective and meets the needs of our clients.

Our team brings together talents that span the main three pillars of security:

  1. Physical
  2. Electronic
  3. Operational

The security team’s professional experience spans the full spectrum of security planning and implementation: From consultancy, contracting, as well as experience working with systems integrators and product manufacturers. This wide-reaching experience ensures that our team brings together a solid understanding of the full lifecycle of security planning and implementation while remaining vendor-agnostic to provide our clients with the best advice they can get.

Security Threat & Risk Assessments

Passive Security
Security Master Planning
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
Perimeter Planning
Traffic Management

Electronic Security Systems

Video surviellance
access control
vehicle access
intrusion detection
screening & scanning

Specialist Security Systems

Security Audit
& Gap Assessment
Blast Mitigation