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Almost every project will contain functional spaces that require AVC systems. From Auditoriums, theatres and multipurpose halls to meeting rooms and everything in between, an AVC system can make or break the space. Meeting rooms and training halls will require a system suited for the highest possible speech intelligibility, clear viewing of presentation materials, and a comfortable environment that enables efficient collaboration and learning experience. A well-designed AVC system will also ensure repeated business with entertainment venue goers and a high review rating. Even places of worship require special attention to AVC systems to enable a wholesome spiritual experience.

Professional AVC applications are in commercial, government, entertainment, education, religious and transportation facilities, and include installations in arenas, stadia, performing arts spaces, classrooms, auditoria, boardrooms, command-and-control centres, courtrooms, museums, training rooms, multimedia presentation rooms, call centres and many other venues. Because professional AVC involves specialized systems, it often requires the design skills of an AVC design professional and the installation skills of a systems integrator to advance beyond the box connections to the bigger picture of the system, its requirements and the overall installation.

Our professional Design Engineers are experienced Audio-Visual professionals and INFOCOMM international Certified Technology Specialists (CTS-D) who have in-depth design experience gained through a large variety of projects.

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